Uface - Unique Face Maker App Reviews

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Great app.

Lots of options and a great sense of style and humor.

Uface? Not my face.

Face shape, eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose. Thats it. No hair, no facial hair, no accessories. Faces showed in the Random category are impossible to re-create as they contain items and options that are unavailable. This drawing style is very unique from other character makers. If it had more options, it would be a winner. As it is, its unusable if youre trying to re-create a real person.


It is really amazing and unique ^_^

Watermark? Seriously?

Im pretty sure I paid for this app, so why does it watermark everything I save? Ive been waiting months for more options but very few if any have been added. I dont think its being updated anymore.

Please add more

Make a new update with a lot more features in every section. Add features especially in hair and lips! Great app :)

I love it!

I love, love, love it! But I wish you could change the size of the features and I wish you could make bodies! Also I wish there were more selections for features. Bur it is awesome still!

Requires iOS6? Why...?

No need to have this app require iOS6. Which I hope is an error since the text describes it as "Supports iOS6." Hope this gets changed next update



Love it!!

this app is great! and, need more updates!!