Uface - Unique Face Maker App Reviews

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Amazing app!



This game is boring and doesnt have many options.

Nice but cant make myself

I tried making myself but hair as guy goes near my waist, so no ponytails in guy or girl sections. The only people I can make is my Chinese friends that look exact. Still great fun app.

Coll app

I liked the app, but please, make a plain white background for sketches...


Really fun and unique way to make awesome pictures. Some are elegant and some are just plain absurd. I love it.

Love this app!

This app is so fun! It provides a fun way to pass time, and you can use it for social media profile pictures.

Very nice app...but...

I just recently got the app, I really like how it has a gallery so my creations dont flood my camera roll, theyre are many options and its a nice clean style, easy to use, no bugs, seems perfect. However... I really wish you could resize features, and only color certain parts (like only the iris of the eyes), and I wish you could make your own features and add your own styles. I love this app and think everyone on the fence could get it, I just hope they may add these things in the future.

Near perfect!

I was looking for an app to easily get down what my OCs look like, and Uface is amazing! Very simple to use, with plenty of options to choose from! The only thing I wish they would add is the ability to resize things, especially facial features.


The very good application


tnx team

Very Cute and so many options

I really enjoy this app its funny and I can make myself and pretty much anyone I know whoever took the time and initiative to make this app deserves a large pat on the back and a gold metal I really hope there are more options soon I really want to expand my creativity


I just got this app and I love it! Very easy to use and makes fun results.

Fantastic Fun

This app is a lot of fun and very easy to use. Hopefully more options are added later so I can make all of my friends and family. Feature suggestions: allow horizontal movement of items as well as resizing (via pinch gestures). If you like making caricatures of people, spend the 99¢. Its plenty of fun.

Nice app for kid and me



COVworks is really out-doing themselves right now omg I absolutely L-O-V-E this app. The variations in features to show different facial expressions. The "sketchy" drawn look is dope, just the entire layout of this app is amazing! The "drawn" consistency look remains the same even in the information section lol its just cool. I also like how you can share your final piece on various social networking sites or to your camera roll. Very convenient :) I highly recommend their CoverLab and ColorManager app as well if you are a frequent picture taker. Great job COVworks!!!


Wonderful app and so much fun! I love the art style! It would be awesome if there were more options, such as more normal looking mouths :)

Great app

No bugs

Great one! So creative!

Love the style of the drawing and expecting a little more options in the boy section.. Anyway great app!


This is a fun way to create cartoon faces. There is even a randomize button to see different combinations.

Funny illustrated portraits

Remarkably easy to create a realistic-looking funny avatar that looks like its drawn by an illustrator. Its simple to navigate through items and the changes are instantaneously performed. You may share or save the result as a high-quality PNG file. More items (such as goatee) are appreciated.