Uface - Unique Face Maker app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 2481 ratings )
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Developer: TIDY INC
0.99 USD
Current version: 5.0.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 29 Mar 2010
App size: 42.55 Mb

* Support iPhone6,6+
* Support iOS 8

You can create face sketch like a professional illustrators work by simple controls!

* Easy!
Uface is the easiest face sketch tool for everyone. you can create all faces you want by simple controls. You will be satisfied with unique faces and funny looks made by various items. Surprise your friends with a hand-drawn style images.

* Share!
Do you want to share your own face sketches with others? Share the images on your gallery via Facebook and twitter.
When you see various face sketches with phone ringing, it will make your day more funny.

* Enjoy!
Does it annoy you to select items one by one? Just touch random button. Unique faces that youve never imagined make you smile.
Uface will give you a little break in your boring life with various features.

Now, have a new experience!

Pros and cons of Uface - Unique Face Maker app for iPhone and iPad

Uface - Unique Face Maker app good for

I love, love, love it! But I wish you could change the size of the features and I wish you could make bodies! Also I wish there were more selections for features. Bur it is awesome still!
Make a new update with a lot more features in every section. Add features especially in hair and lips! Great app :)
Remarkably easy to create a realistic-looking funny avatar that looks like its drawn by an illustrator. Its simple to navigate through items and the changes are instantaneously performed. You may share or save the result as a high-quality PNG file. More items (such as goatee) are appreciated.
This is a fun way to create cartoon faces. There is even a randomize button to see different combinations.
Love the style of the drawing and expecting a little more options in the boy section.. Anyway great app!
Wonderful app and so much fun! I love the art style! It would be awesome if there were more options, such as more normal looking mouths :)

Some bad moments

Im pretty sure I paid for this app, so why does it watermark everything I save? Ive been waiting months for more options but very few if any have been added. I dont think its being updated anymore.
Face shape, eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose. Thats it. No hair, no facial hair, no accessories. Faces showed in the Random category are impossible to re-create as they contain items and options that are unavailable. This drawing style is very unique from other character makers. If it had more options, it would be a winner. As it is, its unusable if youre trying to re-create a real person.
Every time I try to play this game I press it but it putts me back to home screen
This app lets you create face sketches, but it does not do a good job giving you a custom sketch based on a photograph or selfie. Most of the faces are based on predefined templates and do not look very realistic... they look more like caricatures. It might be fun for kids but do not get this if youre trying to create a custom sketch of your own face or friends.