Uface - Unique Face Maker App Anmeldelser

Not what you think...

This app lets you create face sketches, but it does not do a good job giving you a custom sketch based on a photograph or selfie. Most of the faces are based on predefined templates and do not look very realistic... they look more like caricatures. It might be fun for kids but do not get this if youre trying to create a custom sketch of your own face or friends.

Cute App

Its fun to use, but the only thing that needs to be fix-is when you go save your Uface, you can name it then press the OK button but the keyboard wont go away once your Uface is saved so I have exit the app and start over again please fix this-


Very nice selection, worth the money. There are plenty of options in this app, and it is very well made. It kept me entertained for a long time. Its great for making characters and faced for stories or people that look like you or your friends. Just some suggestions I have: maybe add more face shapes and accessories. I also think that it would be cool to put clothes on the characters, like a shirt or dress. It would be nice to see this in a future update, or for in-app purchases. The app is already excellent; these are just things that I think would further improve it. :)

Great app!

I love this app, its so well made. Id love if they released additional hair, face, accessory pieces as IAP, Id gladly spend more money on this app. Do yourself a favor and download this. Hours of entertainment.


Very nice

Great app

Very easy to use and Loves it

Great App!!!!!!!

I got this app while I was making characters with some of my friends and when I used this app I was really glad to have found it! The both sides camera and access to photos is a nice touch

No iPhone 6 plus support yet... And missing features.

The developer updated the app and the item description says iPhone 6/6+ support, in the first line itself! But thats not true, the ui is still blown up like all the other non-iPhone 6/6+ compatible apps. Also, please add the ability to search for pictures from album instead of just taking a self snapshot. While at it, please enable the option to take snapshots using the rear camera as well, not just the front facing camera! Thank you.

High caliber app

Great idea and executed very well. Great craftsmanship and UI. Please keep adding features.

Photoshop Guy

While this app is easy to use, with easy controls, there are very limited options for the different facial features. For example, eyebrow options, are either bushy or exaggerated. Realizing that actual facial features come in an wide range of possibilities, the list of possibilities should be expanded to allow drawings to be closer to lifelike. It is fun to play with, but hard to come up with a recognizable likeness.

Nice app

Itc cool


Every time I try to play this game I press it but it putts me back to home screen

Good timekiller

Fun to mess around with.

Plz update

Plz update cmon its an exciting game I recommend it but add more hair, body creator, and a lot more hair,eyes,backgrounds, and all cool things you can make because its starting to get very boring and yall should make it too the top and then everyone would love this game ur welcome for the feedback and a little Insperation

Total Boredom buster!!

This is perfect for the long trips other than that its addicting and amazing!!! Except, add more hair selections

Cool, but has one flaw

Its cool and all but needs more stuff to put on the faces

Really Fun

Its Really Fun App To Play When Your Bored But They Could Add More Things Like Colors, Hair, Eyes, Mouths And Maybe Bodies But Its Still A Fun I Recomend!


Soooo cool. Ive spent hours on it. Love the drawings!! Maybe you could add some longer hair? :)

Lots of fun!

This app is fun, easy to use and creative! Please add more eyes to reflect other nationalities!